Course Problem Set 2

Hard copy to be submitted June 11, 2018 
Bring papers to MSOB (room x318) during class time (2:30-4).

Usual Honor Code procedures: You may use any of your own inanimate resources--no collaboration or assistance from others. This work is done under Stanford's Honor Code.
Solutions for these problems are to be submitted in hard-copy form. Given that these problems are untimed, some care should be taken in presentation, clarity, format. Especially important is to give full and clear answers to questions, not just to submit unannotated computer output, although relevant output should be included.
PLEASE check that you have answered all the parts and subparts. There are just two problems for this problem set; please start each problem on a new page and keep all material for a problem contiguous. It's fine, for example, to blend notebook paper with printed output, just keep it all together.
Please ask about issues of question interpretation. For Problem 1 write to Mike; for Problem 2 write to Rogosa. Especially in regard to any materials you feel you need but don't have access to.
Any issues that come up (wording, interpretation) we will post a note here, so it would be good to check this page intermittently.

Problem 1

Problem 2